City Guide : Dubai

dubaiUnited Arab Emirates (UAE) is a country of Middle East located at the junction of Africa and Asia in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf. The country comprises 7 emirates. Dubai situated on the Eastern cost of the Arabian Peninsula in the southwest corner of the Arabian Gulf is one of the seven emirates of UAE.

Dubai City has the largest population of UAE and is the 2nd largest city of the federal country by area. Revenues from petroleum and natural gas contribute to about 3% of the city’s revenue. A huge portion of the emirate’s revenue comes from Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZ) and tourism. JAFZ is the main reason for Dubai to be a world business hub.

  • dubai tourist Attractions

    There are two facets of Dubai. Persian traders shaped one of the respects of the city. The other aspect resulted in after Dubai and the other 6 emirates confederated to form UAE in 1971.

    Because of Dubai to be on the route to India, foreign tradesmen, mainly Indian, settled in the city to make the city an important port of trade and commerce till 1930s. Today’s old facet of Dubai was mostly constituted at those times.

    The modern Dubai was started to be constructed after 1971. The skyscrapers getting all around the city are the consequences of the term from this date to today. The emirate is the product of the contrast of bygone and modern eras. While skyscrapers reflect the latter mosques and wind towers represent the former.

    Burj El Arab as one of the world’s best hotels is within the borders of Dubai. It is the first 7 star hotel in the world.

    Souks are among the main tourist locations of the city. Bur Dubai Souq at the Bur Dubai is the place for city markets. Under the shadows of arcades and wind towers, plenty of shops of textiles, clothes, and antiques are existed. Deira Spice, Perfume and Deira Gold Souqs at Deira are among the other favorite local market spots.

    Dubai has many enchanting mosques. Jumeirah Mosque is one of the largest and beautiful examples of the modern Islamic architecture. It is one of the most admired and the most photographed sights of the city. Grand Mosque is another magnificent structure in the city.

    Jumeirah Archaeological Site at Jumeirah is the biggest and the most fundamental archaeological place in UAE.

    Bastakiya district reflects the old face of Dubai. The wind-towers existed here are fantastic. You should absolutely see them.

    Sheik Saeed al-Maktoum House at Bur Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Park at Jumeirah, Dubai Museum at Bur Dubai, Bait Al Wakael near Creek are among the main attractions of the city that you should visit.
  • dubai Culture & Entertainment

    The city culture is the reflection of UAE national lifestyle. Islamic traditions compass all aspects of everyday life. This condition cultivates the clemency and acumen specialties of the inhabitants. The hospitality and the tolerance of the city towards foreigners is high.

    The Arab national dress fits the climatic conditions lived in Dubai, Falconry, camel racing and dhow sailing are pervasive in the city. Kandoura/Dishdasha (white ankle-length, loose-fitting dress) is the garment of men. Abayah is the garment worn by women. Jewelry is favourable appliances admired by local people. Especially, gold and silver necklaces, rings, forehead decorations and bracelets are prevalent in the cultural life of the city. Falconry, dhow sailing and camel racing are popular at Dubai.

    Dubai horse ridings are worldwide famous. Those are the part of local culture and are held in several locations of the city. Dubai Equestrian Center and Jebel Ali Hotel Riding Stables are among the main centers of horse riding. Men and women tourists come Dubai for horse riding accompanied by special rice wears.

    Plenty of entertainment alternatives in public parks, malls, cinemas, entertainment centers are offered by the city.


  • dubai Food & Drink

    The cultural variety of the city population shows itself in the menus of the restaurants in Dubai. International cuisines are offered by a great deal of restaurants and the eateries of luxury hotels. Morocco, Egypt, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Tunisia and more cuisines in the city offer relish foods.

    Fuul (beans flavored with lemon juice, garlic and spices) and felafel/shwarma (fried chicken or lamb) are the main staples of the city cuisine. Throughout the streets, vendors sell shwarma. Houmos is another popular food of Dubai.

    Pizza, pasta, salads, steak, Indian cuisine, fast food eateries are among the old delicacies of the city restaurants.

    Coffee shops are prevalent in the city. A great range of juices are available. All the restaurants of the city offer pineapple, banana, mango and mixed cocktails. Alcohol is served in the licensed places such as restaurants, hotels.

  • dubai Shopping

    Shopping in Dubai is so diversified a shopaholic may not be able to decide how to begin to shop. Countless shopping malls, local souks, jewellery, gold designs, Arabian art and crafts, western style dresses, clothing boutiques, designer collections and more are existed in the shopping world of the city. Dubai is a unique shopping center in the Middle East. Burjuman Center at Bur Dubai is the most magnificent mall of the city.

    Diera City Center at Diera is one of best malls in the city to shop. You will find a wide range of shops and specialty boutiques in the shopping center. Carpets, kinds of souvenirs, handicrafts, supermarket, food courts and cinemas are available in this shopping center.