Lagos Carnival

Preparations involve the employment of thousands of artisans who are gainfully engaged for about six months prior to each carnival. These artisans produce locally all the thousands of beautifully designed costumes as well as the decorated floats. This is an annual opportunity for Lagosians to celebrate with each other and with all the colours and the dancing, flamboyant artistry of Carnival day is not to be missed.

Tips for visitors: Lagos Carnival and Lagos Water Regatta
*They hold during the Easter festivities (late March or early April, depending on the Christian calendar)
*They form part of the events during the Black Heritage Festival
*Wear comfortable clothing and shoes
*Pay attention to personal belongings
*Buy or bring bottled water as it can get very hot at this time of the year
*Street food is best when served hot

Lagos CarnivalLagos CarnivalLagos Carnival